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Flaming Koala Loves to keep a simple straight mind  on stuff so when you see “yours” this means yous fantastic blokes and sheila out there but “we or the  company name is us Flaming Koala we also say “us”  or “our” for ether you or us please be aware that  this is a legal binding agreement between you the  customer and us Flaming Koala Hot Sauce. 

By visiting/ ordering/ purchasing anything of  flaming koalas hot sauce in our store you agree and  fully aware of the terms and conditions and there for legally responsible for anything after and  ordering of our products.


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At Flaming Koala our main means of transport is  Australia post but we also will offer other courier’s  if need be, this includes but not limited UPS, DHS,  FED EX, STAR TRACK. We offer fast, cheap and  affordable options for shipment please note ALL EXPRESS options will be sent asap and all others will  be ship on our 3 days MONDAY, WEDNESDAY,  FRIDAY mailing days. Please assure we are  committed to helping our customers needs and if  you require any special delivery needs we will help (PLEASE NOTE THIS MAY INCUR EXTRA COST)  

We try to insure that all orders will be on time but  as soon as it leaves OUR hands its out of OUR control and not accountable nor responsible in  anyway shape or form of LATE or MISS PLACE ITEMS, BROKEN or DAMAGE ITEM, ANYTHING YOU  MAY or MAY NOT INCUR THU TRANSPORT. 

we do however insure item is fully package & cared  for by using extra bubble wrap snug fit boxes (less  movement) before transportation. 

PLEASE if any concern or issues arise before  purchasing about delivery or postage fees contact  us as soon as possible, its easy to chat before purchasing about a problem then afterwards  

All orders place will have tracking and email  confirmation sent to your email, If any other  reason or concerns you may face please contact  be4 purchasing. 

You can pay using bank card, credit card, cheque,  afterpay, zippay, or any other major bank. 

We try our best to support your needs but please  note we are not liable for any errors or miss  placement upon purchasing such as third parties. 

Third parties include banks, pay as you go or any  other means of purchasing beyond our control 

Afterpay terms and conditions: 


Zip pay terms and conditions: 


zip co terms and conditions: 


please note your own bank account or financial  institution terms and conditions as we do not  control nor monitor them and by using any  payment methods will be at your own risk for miss  spelling information, errors of your doing or  anything out of our own hands as we are not liable  and you acknowledge you are fully liable for it.


When upon finalising orders with us we will use a  automated recording and receipt system that will  keep hold of your information, and verify proof of  purchase and a wide array of other important things  needed to insure you get your product your hard  earning paid for and will be responsible for sending  your receipt via email to you, these such processes  are essential for us and you, this will include but  not limited, yours and our address, phone number, best contact, your name in or business name or  both, product information, price, GST. 

We can at anytime cancel, Pause, Refuse or Reject  payment that has defaulted, suspicious or any other  reasons of concern, You agree to acknowledge  everything mention above & hold full action.

Please go to our privacy policy/disclaimer.


We do not offer returns on a wide range of reasons  except a very few exemptions, if your sauce is sent  and past expiry date, damage prior to shipment or  any other means of flaming koalas doing. 

We can not refund if change of mind, damage in  transit due to poor handling, or any other means of  wrong doing out of our control . 

Each bottle of sauce as recommendations on how  to safely store and our contacts on the bottle if you need to communicate any further problems  you may face. 

If your unsatisfied of the quality of the sauce we may offer store credit appond review. 

We also would assure we at flaming koala take  pride and quality, packaging to highest standards to  assure unbeatable taste and service.


We collect personal information that is used though checkout and create accounts with flaming KoalaThus all sensitive and personal information  collected by flaming koala is protected and stored  in a safe and respectful manner. 

You may and are fully entitled to refuse cookies  that our site may have further more put alerts,  Block them at your full exertion. Just keep in reason  these cookies only play part to better, improve your experience, If you decide to block the cookies you may inhibit some functions to work properly. 


FLAMING KOALA HOT SAUCE is trademark and  which owns all rights to logo, names, artwork and  images associated on the website. That includes but  not limited to: 

Koala logo
Business motto
Company name
Sauce names 

Every bottle contains STRONG warning labels to  protect you our consumer and us the manufacturer  to ensure you know exactly what your consuming, This includes allergens, heat scales (1st for daily  consumer 2nd for beginners) warning hot label,  quality seals, batch numbers, expiry and other  safety measures for the consumer. 

We strongly encourage the consumer to read the  ingredients before buying as we used rare and wide  range of super hot peppers to the mildest. 

  1. WE DO NOT guarantee, represent, warrant or  there for promise that your use of any of our services will be uninterrupted, timely, secured,  error free or thrown off by other means that  therefore out of our hands e.g. post, etc. 
  2. WE can not and will not warrant any results  that results that may be collected from any use  of the service will be reliable, accurate or miss  read from customer to customer. 
  3. We may remove poor selling or outdated  products or services time to time immediately  and unannounced and at anytime including  cancellation, removing, reintroduction,  limiting. YOU fully acknowledge this MAY  happen and fully aware that WE DO NOT need  to give you any notice to the above 
  1. YOU fully and solely agree that any inability to  use our services, products are at your own All products and services time to time have “AS IS” and “AS AVAILABLE” for your sole  convenience this does without any  representation, warranties or any kind of  condition what so ever including all implied  merchants ability, quality, purpose for a  particular fitness, durability, titles and or non infringements be warranted or condition 
  1. AS STATED ABOVE Flaming Koala Hot Sauce strife to make some of the hottest sauce and as above we include “18+” , “warning hot” and is  a direct warning of 18 years and over “ONLY”  to consume that certain product, at any stage  YOU decide at YOUR SOLE discretion to give  the product to under 18 years you take full  liability for any loss, injury, damages, claims,  indirect or any direct, punitive, special,  consequential or incidental damages of any  shape or kind. Further more including but not  Limited with lost of any revenue, profits, data  sharing, savings, cost of replacement’s of any  kind or anything that may fall similar damages.  Weather you over 18 year old consume the product still solely agree the above implies to  you further more anyone in the chain of  flaming koala hot sauce, employee, offices,  contractors, suppliers, service providers or  licenses, owners, affiliates be at anytime liable  for your choices including above in part E Flaming Koala Hot Sauce have no part In any negligence, contract, strict liability or  otherwise any of the product, services your using arises or other claims related in anyway  shape or form to your use of any product’s or service’s we provide including but not Limited  to any or all loss and damages of any kind  shape or form, any errors, omissions of any  content incurred as a result of any use of the  service including post’s made available via the  service or public, transmitted.  
  1. WE follow strict government guidelines in our state Queensland Australia therefore may be  slightly different from state to state or country  to country including territory islands etc. As they DO NOT jurist exclusion or limitation of  liability for consequential or incidental  damages, such states our shell be limited by  the maximum extent permitted by the law. MORE INFO: www.business.qld.giv.au 


WE need to obtain personal and non-personal  identification/ documentation for orders this  includes: (Your name)(address)(personal  number/s) and (any other related  identifications you consider personal). WE will  and ONLY will use your personal identification  /non-personal identification for processing  orders for delivery. 

YOU have full rights to access, modify, correct  or delete any personal information we may  have collected.

WE will never communicate, freely or not our customers personal/ non-personal  identification to third parties and have full  responsibility to do our best in keeping it at the  highest standards of protection.


WE have full rights without notice to update this  privacy policy at anytime. When we update, alter or  remove anything WE will have a ‘revised number’  e.g 1.01 plus ‘date of change’ e.g. “revise 1.01  1/02/22″ to show of any changes that may or may  not been made WE strongly recommend and  revisiting this page time to time to safe guard  yourself and us for any problems that you may face  in the future, 


By using our site you fully agree to this privacy  policy and all terms related to FLAMING KOALA HOT SAUCE website or other sites respectfully of  OUR’S. Your continuous use of our site will be  deemed YOUR acceptance to any changes to the policy. If you do not agree or accept any of these  terms, privacy policy or legal documentation we  have please do not use our site. 


Much a like to what we got in (shipping and  payments)(finalising) and(orders) Just a quick few on our online condition to  accompany them. 

When upon purchasing any product from www.flamingkoalahotsauce.com YOU legally  responsible of any information you provided and  accept all information is current and correct  including age, name, address and or related  information needed upon purchasing YOUR at no stage what so ever allowed to use our products for any illegal, personal gains This product we provide is for enjoyment and not  intended for malicious purposes WE are not  responsible for any harm and damages due to your intentions, You legally agree to take all actions.  

General terms

WE reserve the right at anytime to refuse service  for any reason. As stated in the overview you legally agree that you wont duplicate, sell, resell, reproduce, exploit any  of our products, images, terms or anything on  theflamingkoala.com.au without prior  communication or sign acceptance from us you also agree all information provided to us is true  and current and not misleading in anyway shape or  form. 

Information on The Flaming Koala we provide  images, nutritional information on our product tho  we do the utmost to keep all nutrition, photo,  pricing up to date in current But we are not  responsible for any errors that the website may  occur and should be view as general in nature only

And not relied upon and any decision when making  or ordering our products or viewing of website  

Photos of products may differ from actual product  you receive and are only for your convenience  (visual purposes) only. 

Images on this website belong solely to Flaming Koala Hot Sauce and you acknowledge and accept  that you wont use any images, information  provided to you for any misleading, unlawful or  copyright purposes WE withhold any rights to  anyone that may breach these terms and may  prosecute accordingly.


WE use tools to better improve your experience on  our site these tools may come from but not limited  to payment such as, afterpay, zippay, banking  information that is enclose in our (payment and  shipping) and (privacy policy) disclosure.

WE also use and collect your information that we disclose in (payment and shipping) (privacy policy)  and (Disclaimer). We only hold your information for  your and our assistance, we will never use, mislead,  sell or disclose any of your information, WE may  time to time email offers with discount codes, this  tool is to better your experience and can op out  anytime. Other tools can and not limited on this site  are, calculators, shopping carts, banking, cookies  and others to better your experience and you agree  and acknowledge of this we also provide third-party  assistance that we do not monitor, Care, Take  responsibility of any or all loss that may or may not  occur. These such third party features are unitary at  your own risk and discretion as we are not liable for  anything you may committed though such third party.


On this site WE have our price’s in $ (AUD) Australian dollar in it includes GST as stated on the  product this price does not include discount codes  or shipping cost and these cost are added at  checkout upon payment. Errors, inaccurate information does incur time to  time in most everyday life we do our utmost care to  ensure all items, Images, Pricing, Wording or Any  other experience on our site. With that in mind we do not monitor, control, endorse or sponsor. 

We reserve the right to correct any errors,  inaccurate or omissions and to change or update  information or cancel orders if any information in  the service or any related website is inaccurate at  anytime without notice (including pending or  submitted orders) 

We take no obligation to update, clarify or amend  information in the service or any related site  including but not Limited pricing information, except as required by law, update or refresh dates  or any other related website.


we all like to have a yonder and Flaming Koala loves  feedback Just keep in mine keep it kid friendly in  the comments.  

If you Request, sender, submit any contest entries,  ideas, suggestions, proposals, plans or any other  material weather it is online, email, postage or  other (collective comments) we may utilise any  information you may have sent at anytime by edit,  copy, publish, distribute, translate and otherwise.  You acknowledge and agree that we are not obliged  to maintain any comments in confidence, pay  compensation or respond to any comments, we  may or may not have no obligation to monitor, edit  or remove content that we determine Defamatory,  porno graphic, offensive, unlawful, obscene or  otherwise breaches or violates any intellectual property from other party or there terms and  conditions. 

You agree that your comments will not breach any  trademark, copyright, proprietary or personal  rights, privacy from us or third parties, further more  your comments wont contain unlawful, computer  viruses or malware that could disturb other  customers further more wont contain abusive or  obscene material that anyway obstruct or affect any  operation of the service or any websites that may  be related. 

We will take no responsibility to any comments you or third-parties made and you take full liability,  responsibility and obligation for your comments  that are posted further more you solely take full  responsibility to insure you are not using a false  email, misleading us or third parties in any way  shape or form, pretend to be someone besides yourself, as you agree you solely liable on the  accuracy of your comment.


You agree that your fully accountable for any  breaches of these terms and conditions and  therefore hold Flaming Koala Hot Sauce harmless  of any claims or demands including but not Limited  to any reasonable attorney’s fees made by any third  parties or violation of any rights or law of a third  party Including documents they incorporate by  reference. 

Furthermore in the unlikely event that our terms  and conditions fall and are deemed to be 1) unlaw  2) unenforceable or 3) voided by your state or  territory (including overseas orders) we will  nonetheless be a provision to the fullest extant  permitted enforceable by law, including the  unenforceable part served in validity of any other  remaining part of the provisions.




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