Chili Lime

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Move over tomato sauce. we got a new contender!

Carolina Reaper gives a hit of chilli to a tomato base
Great on banger and mash, meats, salads, and anything you mite like tomato sauce.
Smell: sweet, fruity with hints of citrus

Taste: smooth tomato front with a slight chilli hint exit

New to heat: 3/5
Veteran: 1/5
Tomato 53.47% (truss, aroma)
Chilli 16.6% ( Carolina Reapers 45.16%, Red Habanero 32.25%, Chocolate moruga scorpion 22.58%)
Lime 16.12% ( bush lime, Tahiti lime)
Capsicum 10.69% (Red)
Vinegar 2.69% (Red)
Salt 0.26% (sea)
Thickener 0.26% (Xanthan gum)


250ml, 150ml


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