Whiskey Reaper Original

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Sit back, strap in, and enjoy the ride of this amazing steak sauce with real whiskey and fresh in-house smoke Carolina Reapers. it’ll blow your taste buds away!
This is a HOT sauce and not for a faint of heart you have been warned.

Smell: sweet, smokey and hot

Taste: sweet whiskey front follow by smoke Carolina Reapers exit


  • New to heat: 20/10
  • chilli enthusiast: 10/10

Every purchase we donate a small portion to koala rescue.


  • Capsicum 29.43% (Red)
  • Tomato 23.54% (Truss)
  • Whisky 16.18% (please note: this is before cooking process percentage and not the actual finish percentage you consume. Finish percentage 1.8% per 250ml)
  • Carolina reapers 14.71% ( Red, 500g min smoke 4-6hrs)(min 100-120grms of powder)
  • Carolina reaper 2.94% (ash)
  • Sugar 8.85% (Brown)
  • Vinegar 3.47% (Sherry)
  • Garlic 0.29% (All sorted)
  • Herbs & Garlic powder 0.29%
  • Thickener 0.25% (Xanthan gum)

DISCLAIMER: by purchasing this bottle you acknowledge that this sauce contains trace amounts of alcohol 1.8% per 250ML and you acknowledge of alcohol misuse we at FLAMING KOALA HOT SAUCE does not take any responsibility or liability for the misuse of this sauce and you will take full responsibility of any damage to you or any property that is damage.


150ML, 250ML


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