Special Blend

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Our special blend is a unique sauce that speaks passion and personality simple flavours combine to create a complex taste that will have you wanting more, we hope you enjoy the great taste and aroma.

Smell: sweet and complex
Taste: sweet front, with slightly different superhots end

  • New to heat: 3.5/5
  • Veteran: 2/5


  • Tomato 52.28% (truss, gourmet)
  • Chilli 23.52% (Special Blend)
  • Capsicum 13.07% (Green & Yellow)
  • Carrot 6.53% (Orange)
  • Vinegar 3.26% (Red)
  • Garlic 0.98% (All sort)
  • Chives 0.32% (Garlic)
  • Thickener 0.03% (Xanthan gum)

250ml, 150ml


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